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Jimpster's stunning new album Silent Stars is out now on all formats.  Double vinyl including free CD available...

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You can also modify the Makefile variabiles from the command line to build with the BACnet MS/TP datalink layer, for example:

The film-within-a-film is an example of mise-en-abîme . The film being made within the film refers, through its mise en scène , to the real film being made. The spectator sees film equipment, stars getting ready for the take, crew sorting out the various directorial needs. The narrative of the film within the film may directly reflect the one in the real film. [7]

Our Managing Director is our eternal optimist. Nothing seems to bring him down. We have faced numerous hurdles during his stewardship and he just keeps going. He has a keen strategic mind and is always in search for innovative ways for building business. He has been with the organization for over 14 years and has grown the company over 4 times. We continue to have great plans for the future that are drawn with his guidance and he continuously enthuses the team to achieve more and more.

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The Bonsmara Cattle Breeders' Society strives to make a positive contribution to the promotion of a balanced, environmentally friendly beef-cattle industry, which will benefit the population as a whole and support its members in viable business undertakings.

Older   GHz devices were marketed sometimes as "54 Mbps".  The reality was that ideal throughput was about 1/2 of that or ~27 Mbps.  20 Mbps on an old laptop is probably operating as expected.

Living with the troops and leading by example…..where have you heard that before? Not just in this blog; every legitimate resource on getting host nation armies from the third world into the fight says the same thing. We knew this a century ago when we were fighting in Banana Republic Wars. Now the belief that technology has changed the dynamic of counterinsurgency warfare has reduced our efforts to unsustainably expense parodies of an effective military solution.

Various - Freerange Records Colour Series: White 06 SamplerVarious - Freerange Records Colour Series: White 06 SamplerVarious - Freerange Records Colour Series: White 06 SamplerVarious - Freerange Records Colour Series: White 06 Sampler