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Yet Gibb couldn't bring himself to go inside. 'I didn't want to, I was nervous about seeing it again,' he says self-consciously, fiddling with his blue-tinted glasses, sliding them down his nose then pushing them firmly back in place. Gibb, 58, doesn't like much to be without his own armour, the specs behind which, one suspects, he hides. (Not forgetting the auburn weave under which he conceals his balding pate.) 'I wanted those memories intact. I didn't want to spoil them.'

That rendition by Keith Urban was just riveting, went right to the soul and other parts!
Is there a soundtrack available of this spectacular evening?

It's that time of year again... Time for Gary's Christmas parody song! These three definitely don't take themselves too seriously!

T he grime star's striking footwear is going down a storm with viewers at home - and is especially impressive when you take into his consideration his lyric "I wear snowboarding boots to festivals, you can't tell me about style", from his 2015 track Work.

Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb
B side by Bee Gees, July 1968; album cut by Bee Gees, 1968

Hugh credited his wife's sister, Peggy, with the idea of emigrating to Australia, as she eventually did with her family, though it was his family that arrived downunder first. Later, he and Barbara applied for passage to Australia but did little to prepare for the move as Hugh said: "Because they say, don't dispose of your property until you know what you're doing. Sometimes you have to wait two years, we got it in six weeks." At the beginning of August 1958, the family set sail for Australia. [1]

The forthcoming album was recorded in Miami and produced by Gibbs and John Merchant, who’s worked with Celine Dion, Ricky Skaggs, the Bee Gees, and late brother Maurice Gibbs in the past. As a press release states, In the Now “signals a welcome return of one of the most identifiable and versatile voices in the history of rock, pop, and R&B.”

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Barry Gibb - Face To FaceBarry Gibb - Face To FaceBarry Gibb - Face To FaceBarry Gibb - Face To Face