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Collectables' 40 Years of Jukebox Hits: The 50's, 60's, 70's & 80's is an attractive package for consumers only interested in hits of these eras. Spread out over 20 discs, these 282 recognizable cuts are by the artists who made them famous and are not re-recordings. However, a major flaw of this huge set, besides lack of decent packaging, is the sheer number of CDs, which could have been cut in half if the full 80-minute capacity of each disc were utilized. More than likely casual music lovers will only want the "big hits" from a certain era anyway, and will find the individual sets more to their liking and in line with their budgets.

Mistakes or not, the show is fondly remembered by many fans for the high quality of its voice acting. Indeed, many characters, lacking any significant plot developments or screen time, were brought to life solely by their unique voices and inflection styles. Voice direction for the series was provided by Wally Burr , notorious for driving his performers to the limit. One of the performers in his stable, Susan Blu , would later go on to work as voice director for Beast Wars , Beast Machines , Transformers Animated and briefly Transformers: Prime .

Popular songs from the Eighties Decade, arranged by year but in no particular order. Do you remember listening to these songs on the radio?

Hit FM on 828 kHz from Barcelona seems off since a few days. It’s ceased or only a temporary shutdown?
Tringer László (13/12-2017)

“The Sandman” was taken from Rankine’s second studio album “She Loves Me Not”. A very underrated track “The Sandman” failed to chart and ends up as one of my recommended 12″ singles.

Wierd Records is credited with establishing interest in the style in the United States, while The Liberty Snake Club did a great deal to popularize it within the United Kingdom. [4] The Tigersushi Records compilation So Young but So Cold , compiled by Ivan Smagghe , is one document of the scene. [9]

Music writer Adam Harper of Dummy Mag describes vaporwave as having an ambiguous relationship to consumer capitalism , writing that "these musicians can be read as sarcastic anti-capitalists revealing the lies and slippages of modern techno-culture and its representations, or as its willing facilitators, shivering with delight upon each new wave of delicious sound." He noted that the name itself was both a nod to vaporware , a name for products that are introduced but never released, and the idea of libidinal energy being subjected to relentless sublimation under capitalism. [3] Music educator Grafton Tanner wrote, "vaporwave is one artistic style that seeks to rearrange our relationship with electronic media by forcing us to recognize the unfamiliarity of ubiquitous technology ... vaporwave is the music of 'non-times' and ' non-places ' because it is sceptical of what consumer culture has done to time and space". [34]

Various - 80's New Wave Hits Vol. 7Various - 80's New Wave Hits Vol. 7Various - 80's New Wave Hits Vol. 7Various - 80's New Wave Hits Vol. 7